Ancient Design is an original band from Adelaide, Australia playing a mix of post-psych, pre-death chillaxness. Yes, that’s a real genre.

Have a listen:


Flash Gordon (vocals, ukulele)
Leathery, feathery, singer/songwriter, frontman of the former funkers Friday’s Fox, and all ’round nice hairy Pommy guy, Flash will take you on a journey but probably forget where he left you. Bring money for a taxi.

Conor Kinsella (guitar)
You likely know Conor from the blues/rock powerhouse which is Kitchen Witch. If not, you’ll soon know Conor from the slick tones of Ancient Design… Salvaging his fingers from the remains of Sledgehammock and Woe, he’s ready to diddly diddly with his wah and let you watch.

Tristan Louth-Robins (synths)
Normally on the guitar and vocals ensuring Garden Ruin sticks to its path of botanical breakage, Tristan instead picks up the synths, texturing your soundscapes and colouring your atmosphere.

Patrick Tapping (bass)
After providing bass load power to Sledgehammock, Ventolin, and Friday’s Fox, Patrick is now tapping into his bass desires to bring you… MORE BASS.

Sven Hentschel (drums)
Accuracy. Speed. Precision. Long lasting lubrication. All the qualities you desire in a razor, as well as your drummer. Best known for his work with iconic metal band SE BON KI RA, Sven has been sedated and put through a rigorous re-education program to convince him he’s now the drummer for Ancient Design.